Solar Power System

A grid-tied solar power system harnesses solar energy to generate electricity for a home or business, seamlessly integrating with the existing power grid to provide sustainable energy and potentially offset utility costs.

Solar OFFGRID Inverter

A solar off-grid inverter converts solar energy into usable electricity for standalone systems, powering remote locations or providing backup during grid outages without relying on utility connections. It optimizes energy usage and storage, ensuring reliable power supply in off-grid environments

Solar Irrigation Pump for Agriculture

Solar irrigation pumps for agriculture offer sustainable water solutions by harnessing solar energy to power water pumps, enabling efficient and eco-friendly irrigation practices. These systems reduce reliance on fossil fuels, lower operational costs, and provide reliable water access, crucial for enhancing agricultural productivity and supporting rural communities.

Solar Water Heater

We Provide high quality installation, Support and Services for Solar Water Heater


An inverter is an electronic device that converts direct current (DC) power from sources such as batteries or solar panels into alternating current (AC) power, suitable for powering household appliances, electronics, and machinery. It enables the use of renewable energy sources and facilitates backup power solutions during outages, ensuring continuous electricity supply in various applications.