The Agency for Non-Conventional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT) along with the Government of India and Kerala initiated a program to harness the power of the sun to light up rural & sub-urban areas of Kerala.

The government was responsible for short-listing and empaneling key vendors, to install, commission and maintain the solar systems. Tata Power Solar, based on its credentials and proven ability, was selected and empaneled as one of vendor for the project.

With many vendors being registered with ANERT, the people had a choice, for purchasing their solar power systems. People overwhelmingly gave an order of 7700+ systems, to Tata Power Solar, being the largest order for a single vendor, based on their Trust in the Tata brand & the quality of systems and services provided by the company.

Project Highlights

  • 10.8 MW distributed rooftop systems: With 7750+ distinct locations, spread across the state, the program called for supply, installation & commissioning of individual systems each of 1-5 kW under battery based off-grid systems and 2-100 kW under grid connected systems. Orders included requirements from remote locations, sometimes with inaccessible road infrastructure.
  • Unique roofs - unique designs: Given the diversity in types of roofs, flat & tiled, sloping roofs to roofs under the shadow of coconut trees, each solar array had to be custom designed for optimum efficiency. Engineers at Tata Power Solar customized the design of these structures, which made installation possible on any kind of roof or shadow free area which was available.
  • High Winds: Kerala, being a costal state, is subject to high speed winds and at times cyclones. The systems have been designed keeping in mind the climatic conditions, with the solar arrays capable of withstanding a wind speed of up to 160Kmph.


Savings for Families & the Kerala Government: The power generated through solar system suffice the energy needs of the families, hence less dependency & stress on the DISCOM, in turn helping the state reduce its load on the distribution system. (Considering 300 sunny days in a year)

Employment Generation: The installations have generated employment for the locals. The project also generated employment opportunities for the local people, who trained themselves for installation and equipment servicing.

Powering for the Generations: Most of the beneficiaries of this project are senior people, whose families may be settled outside the village or country. The solar system helps them enjoy a basic lifestyle with amenities like lights, fan and television at their disposal, along with access to communication devices, which help them stay connected with their families across the world.

  • Client
    Jason C. Williams
  • Budget
  • Duration
    15 Days

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